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Work with PDF files by changing their size, rearranging contents or removing parts of it in the dedicated suite. It supports automated resizing and manual editing, is capable of combining multiple files or splitting them. Conversion to such formats as Excel, Word, PPT, JPG, and PNG is possible.

If you are looking for an affordable solution to help you edit, create, convert, and modify your PDF files in various ways, Smallpdf is an excellent option to consider. Based on an online PDF service, this desktop version includes most of the options available on the program’s web, from PDF conversion to merging files and extracting specific pages, and from PDF protection and unlocking to PDF to image conversion.

This compact and desktop-based new version of Smallpdf opens in an Office-like interface whose familiarity will help new users to get used to its functionality in no time. The only thing that you may find a bit confusing at first is that the main interface includes a PDF reader and all the compression, conversion, and protection tasks, while all the options that have to do with rearranging the pages of a PDF file are to be found in the reader itself. It doesn’t look like the most ergonomic way of presenting the program’s features, but this minor design flaw doesn’t detract from the program’s excellent functionality.

Apart from allowing you to open and read your PDF files in a neat display – complete with thumbnails of all the pages – this tool will let you convert PDF files to and from Office documents, including PowerPoint presentations, Excel spreadsheets, and Word files. As a bonus, you can also convert your PDF files into a set of images (one per page) easily. You can merge various PDF files from the main interface, but to perform the opposite function (extracting and splitting pages), you’ll need to open the file in its built-in reader. Actually, from the PDF viewer you can also merge, remove, rotate, and delete specific pages, as well as to perform PDF to Office conversions. All other options are available in the main menu of the program’s main interface, and those include locking and unlocking PDF files, as well as a file compression feature, very useful to share your PDF files on the web.

Except for content editing and eSigning, which are available only in the online version, Smallpdf can perform more than a dozen tasks in barely a few seconds. Do not expect this affordable tool to perform OCR conversions or to include advanced accessibility features like changing the reading order or adding image descriptions. For the same reason, you’re not expected to pay an outrageously high price tag, as it happens with most professional PDF editors. If the program’s limited functionality is what you were after, do not hesitate to give Smallpdf a try – you’ll be surprised, in a good way.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Converts PDF to all Office formats
  • Unlocks protected PDFs
  • Offers an excellent compression ratio


  • Does not include any accessibility options
  • OCR is not supported
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